Chair ARLG

Job Description

Chair Role Description

Role: Chair of the ARLG national committee

Purpose of role: The Chair acts as the lead officer for ARLG and is responsible for the overall co-ordination of Committee activities.


  1. Co-ordinating the activities of ARLG National and ensuring it meets its core offer and priorities.
  2. Contributing to suggestions for, and/or assisting in the organising of, future events and training.
  3. Acting as lead spokesperson for the Committee to represent both at CILIP meetings and external events, and, where necessary, organising alternative representatives.
  4. Chairing committee meetings and the AGM, ensuring the smooth operation of meetings.
    1. Liaising with the Secretary to draw up the agenda for each meeting, and to co-ordinate the schedule of Committee meetings throughout the year.
  5. Working with committee members to help prepare the business plan and annual report.
  6. Liaising with the Secretary regarding communication with committee members.
  7. As one of the officers, to participate in overall management of the ARLG National Committee.
  8. Maintaining an effective overview of the financial position of the Committee and liaising with the Treasurer on financial issues.
  9. Acting as the key link between the Committee/Member Network and CILIP to ensure professional issues relating to ARLG members are raised and leading the committees’ contributions to CILIP initiatives and responses to policy developments.
  10. Promoting the membership and benefits of ARLG and CILIP within the library and information profession.

This role allows some flexibility through involvement in the different aspects of committee work supporting members in ARLG, such as events management and the support of other Committee members’ activities. It provides an excellent opportunity to develop leadership skills as well as hone existing strengths.

Some experience of management or leadership would be an advantage but is not essential.


The amount of time this role takes up will vary and may be 1-3 hours per week, though around Committee events and meetings this is likely to increase.

Committee members are expected to be proactive and to participate in committee discussions (usually by emailing list) between meetings and events.

You will be given access to a dedicated CILIP email account, which must be used for all communications outside the Committee.

If you would like to know more, or are interested in applying, please contact the current ARLG National Treasurer at