Honorary Health Libraries Group (HLG) Secretary

  • Job Reference: HLG-SEC
  • Date Posted: 22 July 2020
  • Recruiter: CILIP Health Libraries Group
  • Location: UK Wide
  • Salary: On Application
  • Sector: Health
  • Job Type: Permanent

Job Description

Purpose of role: To act as one of the honorary officers for HLG




  1. To be the contact for HLG, receiving requests and correspondence and dealing with these or passing them on as appropriate.


  2. To liaise with the Chair in passing on information items to committee members and in drawing up agendas for committee meetings.


  3. To send out agendas at the appropriate time before each committee and general meeting.


  4. To attend and take minutes of committee and general meetings of HLG and circulate these minutes within a reasonable timescale of the meetings taking place. Provide a summary of the minutes, authorised by the Chair to circulate to HLG Members/make available on the HLG website.


  5. In conjunction with other committee members organise the AGM. Prepare the agenda and paperwork for the AGM, record the minutes at the AGM and prepare them for presentation at the next AGM.


  6. To work with other officers and committee members to produce the yearly annual report.


  7. To keep abreast and advise the committee on issues relating to regulations and guidance governing Member Networks.

  8. To be keep abreast and advise the committee on issues of governance and elections relating to HLG.


  9. To undertake administrative tasks (such as up-to-date email addresses for committee members) and maintain effective records for HLG.
  10. To liaise with the CILIP Development Officer (Member Networks) and inform of any changes to officer and committee roles.


  11. As one of the officers, to participate in overall management of HLG.


  12. To promote the membership and benefits of HLG and CILIP within the library and information profession.


Time commitment

The amount of time this role takes up will vary and may be 1-2 hours per week with peaks around the quarterly committee meetings.


As Secretary, you will be expected to:

  • Organise and attend 4 committee meetings per year. These are usually based in London, but locations may vary.
  • Attend the bi-annual HLG conference.


As a senior honorary officer, you will be expected to:

  • Attend member network meetings on behalf of the Chair as required. There are 2 per year, usually at CILIP, London.


    The Secretary should serve a 3 year term to allow both consistency and fresh input over time. However, the position is subject to annual re-election.


    Benefits to employer

  • Raise the profile of the institution at a national level
  • Development of transferable skills – leadership, strategic planning, organisation and communication.
  • Development of contacts that can be utilised in the day job and by the employer

Qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience



Essential or desirable

Member of HLG (through CILIP membership)


Evidence of recent* experience of working in the health and social care information sector at a senior level


Excellent oral and written communication skills


Excellent organisation skills


Negotiating, influencing and persuading


* Recent means that a person has worked in a health and social care library or related service area within the last two years.



The Secretary is responsible to the Chair of HLG.

Performance and ability to commit to the role will be discussed with the Chair as required.

If these areas are not satisfactory then the Secretary can resign the post.

In line with CILIP regulations, if a member of the Committee is absent without good reason for three consecutive meetings of the Committee, they may have their membership of the Committee terminated by the Committee.


Support and Training

Support is available from the current committee and the CILIP Development Officer (Member Networks).

A word from the previous Secretary

"I would recommend this role to anyone looking to develop their organisational, leadership and strategic planning skills. It is a really challenging and interesting role that has significantly increased my understanding of current issues in health information work in the broadest sense. I have had the opportunity to work with a really knowledgeable and experienced team and as a result have expanded my professional network. 

There is lots of scope to be creative and to get involved in the many other projects that the HLG committee is involved in, potentially developing skills and knowledge that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to do in your day job.
Both my employer and I have benefitted from my development of a number of transferable skills."