Professional Registration Support Officer - East Midlands

Job Description



Role Purpose: To provide consistent and well-informed training and advice to CILIP members who are working towards Professional Registration (PR).

Key Responsibilities: The CILIP Professional Registration Support Officer (PRSO) is responsible for:

  • Providing consistent and well-informed training and advice to those working towards PR.
  • Training and supporting new PRSOs.
  • Working with the CILIP Sector Development Team and Professional Registration Panel (PRP) to maintain the currency and relevance of learning materials to support PR.
  • Delivering portfolio building sessions in their region for candidates (or providing training and support for other facilitators).
  • Working as part of a national PRSO network, delivering online drop-in surgeries for PR for any candidate seeking guidance from a PRSO, irrespective of region.
  • Attending meetings of their Regional Member Network. 

Time Commitment

  • As a member of your CILIP Regional Members Network the PRSO will be expected to attend relevant meetings and provide written activity reports to the Chair. Travel expenses are met.
  • For regional portfolio building sessions and national online surgeries, the PRSO will be expected to deliver (or support) at least two sessions of each per year, depending on demand. The facilitator should expect to allow half a day for preparation and one day for the training, plus travel time per session if in person.
  • Ad hoc support for candidates by email and telephone is difficult to quantify but usually does not exceed an hour per week.
  • A PRSO will be appointed for two years. At the end of the period a PRSO can, subject to having met the required standards during their period of office, renew or resign their post.
  • PRSOs are expected to meet once a year with their fellow PRSOs to agree and share training materials, preferably tied into a PRP meeting.

How to Apply: Applications to become a PRSO should be sent to their local RMN Chair and include:

  • A curriculum vitae
  • A personal statement demonstrating their knowledge, experience and attributes for the role


Knowledge, Experience and Attributes


Member of CILIP who has achieved ACLIP, MCLIP or FCLIP


Evidence of recent work (last 3 years) in a library, KM or related service area


Evidence of recent continuing professional development (CPD)


Evidence of delivering training to others


Evidence of planning and delivering events


Evidence of good communication skills


Evidence of excellent networking skills


Recruitment Process: A call for applications will be made by the RMN. Applications will be reviewed by the Chair of the RMN in conjunction with the CILIP Workforce Development Manager. It is recommended that each RMN appoints a minimum of 2 PRSOs.

Role of CILIP: CILIP’s Workforce Development Manager provides relevant training support for the PRSOs and maintains the currency and relevance of learning materials to support PR. The Vice Chair of PRP is responsible for communication between the Panel and the PRSOs.


If you would like to know more, or are interested in applying, please contact the Chair at