Job Description

Secretary Role Description

Purpose of role: Officer responsible for administrative matters for the East Midlands Member Network Committee. The role holder must be a member of CILIP.


  1. To be the contact for CILIP East Midlands Member Network Committee (CILIPEM), receiving requests and correspondence and dealing with these or passing them on as appropriate. This includes managing the Secretary.EM CILIP email account, and the Info.EM email account on a regular basis.


  2. To liaise with the Chair in passing on information items to committee members and in drawing up agendas for committee meetings.


  3. To liaise with the Chair and committee members in determining the meeting schedule each calendar year.


  4. To send out agendas and supplementary documentation at the appropriate time before each committee and general meeting.


  5. To attend and take minutes of committee and general meetings and circulate these minutes within a reasonable timescale of the meetings taking place.


  6. In conjunction with other committee members organise the AGM. Prepare the agenda and paperwork for the AGM, record the minutes at the AGM and to prepare them for presentation at the next AGM.


  7. To work with other officers and committee members to produce the yearly business plan and annual report.


  8. To keep abreast and advise the committee on issues relating to regulations and guidance governing Member Networks.


  9. To be keep abreast and advise the committee on issues of governance and elections relating to CILIPEM.


  10. To undertake administrative tasks (such as up-to-date email addresses for committee members) and maintain effective records for CILIPEM.


  11. To liaise with the CILIP Development Officer (Member Networks) and inform of any changes to officer and committee roles.


  12. To promote the membership and benefits of the Member Network and CILIP within the library and information profession.


The amount of time this role takes up will vary and may be 1-4 hours per week and during certain times of the year may increase.

Committee members are expected to be proactive and to participate in committee discussions (usually by emailing list) between meetings and events.

You will be given access to a dedicated CILIP email account, which must be used for all communications outside the Committee.

If you would like to know more, or are interested in applying, please contact the Chair at