Libraries NI


The Northern Ireland Library Authority, more commonly known as Libraries NI, is a regional body responsible for the provision and delivery of a public library service in Northern Ireland. Libraries NI is the largest single library authority in the UK. Our primary duty, as set down in the Libraries Act (Northern Ireland) 2008, is to provide a comprehensive and efficient public library service for persons living, working or studying in Northern Ireland.

The Board of Libraries NI, when fully constituted, comprises a Chairperson and 18 Members, the majority of whom are councillors within the meaning of the Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 1972. Board Members are appointed by the Department for Communities.

The executive business of the Board is carried out by a team of officers under the leadership of the Chief Executive. The Executive Team is organised into two strategic units; each being led by a member of the Senior Management Team.

■ Chief Executive’s Unit;
■ Library Services;
■ Business Support.

Public library services are delivered through a network of:
■ 96 branch libraries;
■ 16 public mobile libraries;
■ Ten Homecall Service vehicles;
■ The Mellon Centre for Migration Studies based in the Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh;
■The Irish and Local Studies Library, Armagh